Highly customizable voice biometrics engine.

The flexibility of CheckVox allowed us to create the first time and attendance control system specifically designed for the agricultural sector and capable of working outdoors, in just a few seconds, and independently from language.

Know how to secure your Access, protect your online transactions or control time and attendance with CheckVox.



Biometric vocal signature with full legal validity.


Carefully designed to be functionally equivalent to handwritten signature, FirVox signature provides an effortless and immediate way to sign contracts on the phone, without ever losing contact with customer.

Know how to streamline your transactions and increase sales with FirVox.


Automatic audio to text transcription

Automatic transcriptions of video or audio to text with speaker change detection, minute marking and speaker recognition. Pay-Per-Use service.

Simple functioning: The user uploads the files which are to be transcribed and obtains the transcription in either plain text or embedded into a video as subtitles. All this in just a few seconds.

This tool is tailored for plenary sessions of town councils and assemblies fully adaptable to the local language, to proper nouns and to users thanks to the possibility of training and adjusting the artificial intelligence system it contains. In addition, if it is integrated with our CheckVox software, it is able to store voiceprints and indicate which user is speaking at any given time.


Automatic user guidance in phone calls

Interactive system that allows to guide a customer during a telephone call. It will take the client to the corresponding department or extension by using natural language. This technology is based on keywords and is highly customizable, consequently improving and optimizing customer relations.

Moreover, it has a specific module, AnalyticsVox, which is able to integrate with any type of call recorder and also incorporates metrics such as interruption statistics, tone, volume and keywords.

The module allows you to establish procedures to rate the quality of calls. Thanks to a very intuitive interface, the system also allows the creation of policies and notifications in a very agile way.