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The sound of my voice identifies me



Highly customizable voice biometrics engine.

The flexibility of CheckVox allowed us to create the first time and attendance control system specifically designed for the agricultural sector and capable of working outdoors, in just a few seconds, and independently from language.

Know how to secure your Access, protect your online transactions or control time and attendance with CheckVox.

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Biometric vocal signature with full legal validity.


Carefully designed to be functionally equivalent to handwritten signature, FirVox signature provides an effortless and immediate way to sign contracts on the phone, without ever losing contact with customer.

Know how to streamline your transactions and increase sales with FirVox.

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Customized solutions

We develop the technologies needed to meet your specific needs.

Voice biometrics

Fast and secure identification using voice

Speech recognition

Speech to text translation. Voice-driven interaction.

Data mining

Extract all the relevant information for your business from different sources.

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