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Sign with your voice in every place.

Show the first voice biometric signature platform, audit and duly endorsed byEADTrust. FirVox provides an electronic signature with the full legal validity.

Whitepaper: «Everything you need to know about electronic signature by voice»

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Advanced Voice electronic signature

The eIDAS regulation, which is applicable throughout the European Union regulates electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal European market and stipulates the following requirements for advanced electronic signature:

How does it work?

  • Once consent is given, the signatory is transferred to the signature system.
  • The system instructs the signatory as regards the collection of the information required in order to effect the signature.
  • The voice recording, along with its biometric parameters are embedded in a PDF document, which is encrypted, and time stamped.
  • The result is a digital document with a voice advanced electronic signature and evidentiary symmetry.

Full legal validity

FirVox is the first platform to obtain the stamp “Firma Vocal Ready! (Voice Signature Ready),·granted by the EADTrust (European Agency of Digital Trust) after passing the agency’s audit. This stamp guarantees FirVox’s compliance with the EADTrust Decalogue in order to endow full legal validity to the advanced voice signature.

Already use for…

Informed Consent

It allows the signing of informed consent saving costs, time and procedures for both medical staff and patients.

Signing Of Contracts

The signature is specific to each document and signatory, it is uniquely linked to the it.

Apply For Credit

The signature of Firvox is a biometric signature, so the identity of the signer can be verified by analysing him or her voice.